Construction on a Home Even if Rented Out? Don’t Get STUNG

Under local laws, any work to convert, alter, modernize or repair a residence (single family or condominium) is a “home improvement” – with all the laws, licensing requirements and regulations getting triggered as a “home improvement.” Additionally, it doesn’t matter who owns the property, nor does it matter if it is rented out or owned as an investment property. There are regulations that permit an owner a three-day to rescind, certain disclosures and notices, and registration/licensing either as a general contractor or home improvement contractor or home improvement salesman (depending upon the jurisdiction). The failure to adhere to these very strict rules can be abhorrent! Local laws render the contracts void and unenforceable and all money paid or prepaid must be refunded to the owner of the property – even if the work is fully completed, satisfactory and done in accordance with the contract. You could be working for free! Don’t get stung on this! Contact Weiss LLP for more information.