Practice Areas

Decades of Experience

Weiss LLP has been in operation since 1981. Our founding partner is a seasoned attorney who has worked for national and local firms prior to launching his own firm in 2006. We are a boutique firm with decades of legal experience. Our trusted, experienced attorney has spent years assisting our clients in successful cases and guided them through complicated legal processes. Consulting with us can help you determine what you need to do next. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation. Weiss LLP has decades of legal experience in several of the following areas:

  • Multi-Family (Apartment) Regulation and Advocacy
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning – Asset Protection
  • Commercial and Bank Lending
  • Commercial Business Litigation
  • General Counsel Services
  • Corporate and Commercial – Mergers and Acquisitions

Most of our clientele come from closely-held businesses and mixed use mixed-use development companies, as well as individuals with real property interests to protect and maintain. However, some of our other clientele are nationally-recognized real estate investment trusts, real estate developers, hotel franchisees, entrepreneurs in hospitality businesses, among others. Furthermore, we have represented: retailers, a multi-location chain of car washes, parking garage management companies, property management companies, and foreign investors. We have extensive contacts with the local governments, including the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland, and its political subdivisions. Also, we have served as counsel to two foreign governments. Our non-profit tax expertise allows us to serve as general counsel to a national television news station. Weiss LLP is more than happy to assist clients with their legal needs. Reach out to them today for a consultation to see how they can give you the best outcome possible for your case.

Multi-Family (Apartment) Regulation and Advocacy

Local governments have given tenants the right to form tenant organizations, the right of first refusal to purchase apartment units and created significant administrative filing requirements for licensures, rent control and tenant rights.

Real Estate

This division covers a wide range of real estate transaction types including development, land acquisition and zoning, financing, construction, sales, refinances and leases.

Estate Planning – Asset Protection

Weiss LLP offers tailored estate planning solutions that meet client's goals. From the creation of wills and trusts to guardianships, we help protect assets and minimize estate taxes.

Commercial and Bank Lending

Weiss LLP extends its banking practice to cover commercial lending institutions, as well as lenders and borrowers.

Commercial Business Litigation

Our Firm has provided successful representation to clients in a wide array of business transactions, financing, intra-partner disputes and family business succession plans.

General Counsel Services

Many clients cannot afford to hire a full-time general counsel to service general needs of the business enterprise; our firm provides this function on a part-time or occasional or regular basis. Our services include daily, routine general counsel services such as contract negotiation, human resources, investor reporting and commercial counsel services.

Corporate and Commercial – Mergers and Acquisitions

Weiss LLP provides responsive and comprehensive legal services to entities of all compositions throughout their transactions, applying resources and expertise to the full range of scenarios any business may encounter.