Corporate and Commercial – Mergers and Acquisitions

Our corporate, commercial, and mergers and acquisitions practice spans many businesses and industries; our clientele includes many well-known and premiere entities. We are led by experienced attorneys whose expertise spans decades of work and has involved complicated entity restructuring, capital infusions, placements, and mergers and acquisitions. Transaction areas include the following:

  • Companies which manufacture and distribute machinery, products, equipment, and materials;
  • Real estate portfolios as well as single one-off sales (warehouses, self-storage businesses, multi-family, shopping centers, office complexes and others);
  • Hospitality industry (food distribution, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, fitness facilities; hospitality providers, and golf resorts); and
  • Medical and health care providers (interim and long-term stay facilities, independent living arrangements, emergency centers, and medical practices).

Our team is well-versed in all aspects of these transactions and at all stages, serving as due diligence counsel, validation counsel and/or transactional counsel. We have helped clients:

  • Determine Growth Markets/Services
  • Identify Merger and Acquisition Candidates
  • Access Strategic Financial Position
  • Conduct Valuation
  • Negotiate Definitive Agreements and Execute Transactions
  • Implement Transaction and Monitor Ongoing Performance

Weiss LLP provides responsive and comprehensive legal services to entities of all compositions throughout their transactions, applying resources and expertise to the full range of scenarios any business may encounter. Our team is well-equipped to handle transactions of varying sizes involving small, middle-market, and large businesses. Our practice has robust experience with international businesses as well. Our resources and diverse expertise are regularly applied to complex business transactions. Whether you are a purchaser or a seller in a domestic or international transaction, we have the expertise to handle your transaction.