DC Paid Leave Act Now in Effect

The District of Columbia City Council recently passed the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016 (Bill 21-415) (“Bill”). The Mayor did not veto the Bill allowing it to become law unless overturned by both Houses of the Congress within 30 legislative days which either is in session.

The Bill provides a mandatory paid leave system for anyone who is employed in the District of Columbia. The Bill requires employers to provide paid leave when an employee:

  • Has a newborn child (2 months);
  • Has a child through adoption, fostering or other means (2 months);
  • Has an ailing relative (6 weeks) and
  • Requires personal sick leave (2 weeks)

The District of Columbia will pay these benefits by implementing a payroll tax of 0.62% on almost all entities. The Bill requires employers to pay into a fund administered by the District, which then distributes the qualifying leave wages to employees.

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