WARNING: Your Employees May Become Your Competitors

Employers who fail to plan properly will find out that former employees can quickly become their direct competitors. Unless you have in place “non-competition/non-solicitation agreements”, your ex-employees will be free to poach your customers or clients – and you will be powerless to prevent it.

Take the case of Allan M. Dworkin, D.D.S. v. Blumenthal, 77 Md. App. 774 (1989):

A dentist hires a young dentist to work for him at his practice. The young dentist leaves and takes the clients he has treated with him, immediately opening his own practice using a contact list he created with his old employer’s records while still employed there. The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that nothing in the law prevents this sort of behavior absent a written agreement between the employer and employee. This is a clear sign to employers that they need to be proactive if they hope to protect their client base when an employee eventually leaves. Non-competitive employment agreements can protect you where the law won’t.

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