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Navigating DC’S “CBE” Preference Program for Contractors

Establishing a successful small business in today’s economy can be a challenge. The District of Columbia offers a program that can be a boon to any small business wishing to secure work with District agencies: the Certified Business Enterprise (“CBE”) program. The CBE program’s history dates back to the mid-1970’s and is now monitored by the District of Columbia Department of Small and Local Business Development (“DSLBD”). Businesses which qualify as CBEs are awarded “preference ...

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The New Maryland Trust Act Allows Spouses To Protect Marital Assets From Creditors After Death While Still Avoiding The Estate Tax.

Only married couples may own property jointly as tenants by the entireties. Whenever possible, it is advisable for them to do so. This is because this form of ownership gives each spouse full rights to the property, including the right of survivorship, but does not allow creditors to seize the property if the property is used as collateral for a loan and the spouse who put up the property as collateral dies without paying off the loan. Traditionally, one drawback to this estate-planning appr...

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